“I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. And now he is an engineer & I am the owner of Microsoft”- quoted Bill gates. But nevertheless each student has to take numerous exams during the entire academia- hate it or love it; but none can avoid it. IMG-20150522-WA0000

The span of those 10-15 days are always as doomed as the end of the universe itself – for anyone a ranker, a failure or a rebel it is the same.

The tormenting days began from April the 13th, each day took an eternity to end- yet the 3 hours of writing exams passed as quick as current flowing through a circuit. Day in and day out, hours of group discussions (these are always fun), getting notes photocopied; trust me no one reads those, but we spend money on it anyway just to reassure ourselves that we are putting in our best. And someone once quoted an interesting thought – “80% of the paper is always based on that one topic you didn’t prepare & that lecture you missed”, this is so true that it hurts right in the guts.

Then you have some faculty members – they are the “Albert Einstein” of the institute; cracking the paper they set is almost equivalent to disproving the “Theory of relativity” or as most of you know it as E=MC2. But these are the most innovative type of question papers anyone would ever come across in their entire lives.Coming out alive (theoretically speaking of course) from this paper is a feat in itself.

There are two types of students, one who finish the exam & head home straightaway and then there are some who like to discuss the question paper right after the exam. The latter are worst ones. AsI belong to the former category, I have some rules. Rule number one – finish your paper, go home & take a nap; that’s pretty much it.

On 29th April, perseverance of the students paid off& they saw an end of exams. One would want a couple days of relaxation time to recharge their batteries- but vacations are a luxury that no post graduate student can afford.Summer came calling, and no I am not talking about one of the seasons. It was the season of “Internships”, interviews, interviews & some more interviews. Most of the students were already placed even before the examathon started.

Now was the time, to apply the knowledge gained n the comfort of classrooms to the unforgiving real world situations, understanding the ways of business & the everyday chaos. The internship gives us a chance to learn something that is not usually taught at the business school. With several big names on board for the summers, it is going to be a brilliant yet a crucial part of development for the students. And off they go, to make real time contributions to the world and may these contributions create an impact in the industry. Adios!& “May the force be with you!”

– By Aakash Jani, (PGDM 2014-16) Akash Jani


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